I will strive to ceaselessly cultivate Bodhicitta….The aspiration to work for the benefit of others

In the continuing practice of loving kindness, we volunteer our time and effort to assist many organizations around the Grand Rapids area. Not only is this a great opportunity to give back to our community, it is also an excellent way to get to know our fellow Sangha members as we work together.

Check our Calendar for upcoming service and volunteer activities!

For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact hreinhardt@zengr.org.

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We partnered with the following organizations:

Monthly Donation Collection

We collect donations each month for HQ and The Red Project. Any donation is appreciated.

Donations collected for The Red Project on odd months.
They need the following items:
Feminine hygiene products
Easy prep meals
Mac and cheese
Canned foods

Donations collected for HQ on even months.
They need the following items:
Granola bars
Laundry detergent
Dish detergent
Hair ties


Or you can check the HQ wish list.

Gilda’s Club

Every other month we prepare and serve a meal for those attending services offered by Gilda’s Club.

“Gilda’s Club of Grand Rapids provides free emotional healthcare to children, adults, families, and friends on any kind of cancer journey or those grieving the death of someone in their life due to any cause.”

Visit their website at gildasclubgr.org.


Cleaning, donation organizing, button making and preparing sack lunches.

“HQ is a drop-in center for youth ages 14 through 24 who are experiencing unsafe or unstable housing. It is a safe and non-judgmental space.”

Visit their website at hqgr.org.

Kids Food Basket

Preparing sack lunches, assembling trail mix snack bags, decorating lunch bags.

“Providing a simple evening meal to children living at or near the poverty level.”

Visit their website at kidsfoodbasket.org.

Urban Roots

"Learning, growing food, sharing meals, making connections, and simply being human together."

Helping a community farm get it done by weeding, building, composting, etc.

Visit their website at urbanrootsgr.org.

Grand Rapids Buddhist Temple

Yes! We cannot do this without your generous help either! We’re always looking for folks to help deep-clean on Saturdays and set-up on Sundays.