Five Buddhist Precepts

Five Buddhist Preceptor Training

Classes are typically held at least once per practice period:
Fall from September through December.
For upcoming class dates, see our Calendar.

Taking the precepts is a formal step to living a Buddhist practice. The Five Precepts we will focus on are:
• Respect and protect all life.
Respect and protect the property of others.
Respect and protect sexual boundaries.
Respect and protect the truth.
Respect and protect one's mind and body.

The Five Buddhist Precepts embody the basic code of ethics undertaken by lay followers of Buddhism. The Precepts are commitments to abstain from harming living beings, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, and intoxication. Through intensive training that focuses on individual reflection, reading, journaling, memorization, and small group discussions, participants will deepen into the gifts of the Precepts, integrating them slowly and intentionally into everyday living.

 Preceptors will be responsible for cleaning the Temple and attending service every Sunday during training unless making alternate arrangements. The four-month training culminates in a ceremony in early December. Preceptors will begin with a summer reading before the first scheduled meeting.

For more information, please email Rev. Jing Su Ryan Duffield.


The fee for this program is $75 due in full at the first meeting, or in monthly installments via PayPal. Cash or checks are accepted, as well. If you have a financial hardship, please speak with a Dharma Council member. No one is turned away from any of our activities for financial reasons.

Payment options: