Ongoing Events

Sunday Services

8:30 a.m. Set up temple (All are invited to help.)

9:30 a.m. Morning bell chant followed by silent meditation

10 a.m. Service begins

11-11:30 a.m. Social time
Join us via our
YouTube channel
OR join via Zoom

Follow along using the Rituals and Practices Handbook.

Dharma Talk Audios and Videos

Listen to audio recordings of archived Dharma Talks and Chants. Recordings will be uploaded to our YouTube channel as they become available.

Radical Dharma Book Club

First Wednesday of each month
7:30 p.m. Meditation begins
7:45 p.m. Discussion begins
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How can we as Buddhist practitioners engage mindfully and compassionately in contemporary justice movements? Rev. Tongjin Su will lead meditation and a discussion of Lama Rod Owens and Rev. angel Kyodo williams’ book Radical Dharma. Email Rev. Tongjin Su for more information and to join the mailing list.

GRBT Board of Director's Meeting

Fourth Sunday of each month

11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Meets at the temple

OR join via Google Meet

Sangha members are invited to observe.

Scheduled Events

Lojong Celebrations

Sunday, October 9

Wednesday, November 9

Wednesday, December 7

6:30-7:30 p.m.

Meets at the temple

OR join us via our YouTube channel or Zoom

Lojong is a 12th-century Tibetan practice that is Mind Training for Compassion, done on the full moon to embrace new beginnings—the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

Books Worth Talking About

(Two options—in-person on four Sunday afternoons OR virtual via Zoom on four Wednesday evenings.)

A four-week “book club” for women who don’t have time to read books. Information from four books containing life-guiding wisdom from the Buddhist tradition will be shared; articles and videos related to each will be presented. There is no need to read these books. Discussion facilitated by Susan Massaro McFarland.

Fee is $40 and all proceeds will be donated to the Grand Rapids Buddhist Temple.

Registration deadline is October 14 and groups are limited in size.

For more information, download the book club flier or to register, email Susan at

Potlucks to Celebrate Buddhist Holidays

Sunday, Dec. 4 Bodhi Day

Sunday, Feb. 12 Paranirvana Day

Sunday, May 21 Buddha's Birthday

11 a.m.

Community Room

Join us for a potluck to celebrate Buddhist holidays. Please bring a dish to share with a note that lists its ingredients for those with food preferences, allergies, or sensitivities.

Receptions to Celebrate Ceremonies

Sunday, Dec. 11 Precepts Ceremony

11 a.m.

Community Room

Ceremonies may be scheduled periodically for Preceptor and Bodhisattva graduations and Teacher Intern Ordinations.

Join us for a special reception to celebrate members graduating as Preceptors or Bodhisattvas or becoming Ordained. Please bring a dessert or snack to share with a note that lists its ingredients for those with food preferences, allergies, or sensitivities.

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Temple Health Precautions

• Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines.

• People may choose to mask at any time. 

• Masks are recommended for those who are unvaccinated.

• Anyone feeling unwell for any reason, even if you’re vaccinated, please stay home to rest and recuperate.

Recommended Preventions:

• If you are at high risk for severe illness, talk to your healthcare provider about whether you need to wear a mask and take other precautions.

• Get tested if you have symptoms.