Bodhisattva Program

Bodhisattva Program

The Bodhisattva Program is usually held once per calendar year over a 32-week period.
Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month.
For the upcoming dates, please check the Calendar.

Receiving the Bodhisattva Precepts represents a deepening commitment to the cultivation of Buddhadharma and to this tradition and temple. Participants must have received the Five Buddhist Precepts prior to the start of the program.

"The moment one begins to aspire with their heart, instantly perfect enlightenment is attained."
Uisang of Silla, Song of Dharma Nature

Receiving the Bodhisattva Precepts means nourishing the ongoing intention to bring understanding and awakening to the center of our lives. Becoming a Bodhisattva means that we emphasize the dynamic nature of our awakening mind, our buddha-mind which adapts skillfully to whatever arises in daily life.

Students wishing to follow the Bodhisattva path commit to observing the 10 Great Precepts and cultivating the Six Paramitas. To create good dharma habits, they commit to developing a regular daily practice for 32 weeks including prostrations, meditation, recitation, study, and journaling. Bodhisattva practice is together practice, so all students participating in the program will meet to practice together monthly and reflect on dharma practice as it manifests in their daily lives. Together we will develop insight through reflection and understanding arising from our study, meditation, and precept practice nourishing one another so that we may begin to mature our spiritual practice, our character, and our wisdom which can be given for the benefit of all.

Study Content:

1) Ten Great Precepts
2) Six Paramitas
3) Four Foundations of Mindfulness
4) Primary readings: Becoming Bodhisattvas: A Guidebook for Compassionate Action, Pema Chodron, translation and commentary on Shantideva’s, The Way of the Bodhisattva.
5) Optional readings: Hsin Hsin Ming, Platform Sutra, Vimalakirti Sutra.
6) Recite Naong Sunim’s Resolutions.

Daily Practice (done at least once per day and at least five days per week):

1) Bow/Prostrations (27-108 times).

2) Meditation for 15-30 minutes.

3) Recite or chant the Three Refuges. 

4) Chant, recite, or memorize inspirational Dharma (For example: Bodhisattva Vows, Dhammapada verses, sutras, gathas, Dharma poems, etc.).

5) Journal


1) Attend Sunday services.
2) Attend monthly dharma student meetings (second Saturday of each month).
3) Participate in volunteer opportunities (at the temple or other organizations).

For more information, please email Rev. Kunga Nyima Drotos.

Bodhisattva Program fee:

For Individuals: $200 for 32-week practice period is due in full by the first meeting or in monthly installments via PayPal. Cash or checks are accepted, as well. If tuition is a barrier to participation, please speak with a Dharma Council member. No one is turned away from any of our activities for financial reasons.

Payment options: